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"In 2017 when I told Constance that my chlorine allergies made it difficult for me to swim in the old NCRD pool, she immediately started researching the saltwater option for the new pool and took me with her to visit a saltwater pool in Cannon Beach"  -Kaleen Wineinger


"Constance is proactive at addressing concerns and thinking outside the box when it comes to problem solving. Constance is constantly looking for ways to adapt and accommodate everyone needs"  - Mary Lee Turner


"I believe that Constance has an open mind and is not defensive when presented with challenging opinions. Constance will make NCRD board actions more inclusive and transparent"  — Victoria Stoppiello


"When you’re voting for a leader, what leadership style are you looking for? Possibilities include visionary, collaborative, autocratic, and laissez-faire.  In our culture, autocratic leaders are highly visible in business and government, especially the military; it’s taken for granted in top-down organizations. However, command and control doesn’t leave much room for collaboration or listening to dissenting opinions.   Constance truly listens; she’s a problem solver"  - Victoria Stoppiello, Nehalem


"I admire Constance for her energy, her compassion, her generosity, and her willingness to listen to everyone. NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE. The bond for a new pool has passed and community input should be welcomed. Constance will listen and work for you"  - Kaleen Wineinger


"We have the opportunity now to take the high road, and choose to support the evolution of our community. Please select Constance Shimek for the NCRD board of directors position for which she is running. She will help us all to learn and grow together"  - Lark Miller 

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Constance Shimek Committtee to Elect for Board Position 5 NCRD
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